Xenoblade Dev Hiring For New "Ambitious" Action Game


Monolith Soft, the studio behind the Xenoblade Chronicles series, is recruiting developers for a new project. The studio announced on its website (via Gematsu) that it is looking for designers, programmers, and planners to work on an “ambitious” new title.

While the developer hasn’t formally announced the game in question, it did reveal some interesting tidbits about the project on its recruitment page. According to the website, the title is an action game that’s “different from [Monolith Soft’s] brand image.” Among the positions Monolith is looking to fill are character modeler, in-game animator, main character designer, system/framework planner, and project manager.

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The recruitment page is accompanied by several beautiful pieces of concept art. While it’s unclear if the artwork is related to the new project, it certainly looks different from Monolith’s usual art direction, featuring a more traditional fantasy style than any of the studio’s other titles. You can see the artwork above.

Monolith Soft is known for its work on the Xenogears and Xenosaga series. Following its acquisition by Nintendo in 2007, the studio would go on to develop the open-world RPGs Xenoblade Chronicles for Wii and Xenoblade Chronicles X for Wii U. The next installment in the series, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, is releasing for Nintendo Switch this holiday season. We got to speak with Monolith president and co-founder, Tetsuya Takahashi, at E3 this year about his approach to game development and other topics.


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