Supermodel Christie Brinkley shares her morning beauty routine


Supermodel Christie Brinkley starts off her day with “an attitude of gratitude” and a beauty regimen to feel her freshest.

The 64-year-old fashion icon, who is a life-long vegetarian, credits “really good nutrition” as a beauty secret.

“Every year the routine gets more and more and more, but I can tell you it starts with really good nutrition. I’m a lifelong vegetarian and I have a great dermatologist,” she said.

PHOTO: Christie Brinkley arrives to appear on Good Morning America in New York City, April 20, 2018.Edward Opi/Splash News
Christie Brinkley arrives to appear on Good Morning America in New York City, April 20, 2018.

Here, Brinkley shares her beauty routine and how she starts her mornings.

Overnight prep

I would say don’t go to sleep with your makeup on because [overnight] your body is repairing and restoring and refreshing. You want a cream that’s going to help you have peptides that are going to help you build your collagen and elastin. It’s all about that.

Wake up

I wake up, I have a cup of hot water with lemon a pinch of cayenne, then I have a coffee and a little bit later I have an almond matcha latte — so I’m a beverage person in the morning.

PHOTO: Christie Brinkley appears on Good Morning America, April 20, 2018.ABC News
Christie Brinkley appears on “Good Morning America,” April 20, 2018.


Meantime, between all of that, I always start my day with an exfoliator. It just wakes up my skin, takes off all the dead skin cells and then I use my daily moisturizer. It has to have an SPF, it’s gotta have moisturizing, anti-aging all of that stuff. [I] get my face on and then I’m ready to go out the door.

Who wants to waste time doing your hair? So I also clip in an extension — instead of spending time in front of the mirror. [I use] three easy clips.

Go-To Beauty Product

I have to cover up the under-eye area, you know, brighten it up in the inner corner and suddenly I look awake. But I’m still missing a little contour, a little color so I need my blush. I’ve gotta carve out some cheeks, I’ve gotta add a little pop of color and then I feel like, OK, I’m awake.

I might wanna add just a little bit of my eyeliner around the edge of my lashes because as you age they get a little thinner and you know nobody wants that and then I’m good to go! Well, I might throw on just a little eyeshadow behind just to make the eyes open just a little bit. That’s all! Easy.

PHOTO: Christie Brinkley in Tribeca, Feb. 2, 2018, in New York.Myrna M. Suarez/Getty Images
Christie Brinkley in Tribeca, Feb. 2, 2018, in New York.

Getting down to business

I ask myself all the time, will it make somebody’s life happier, easier, better then I’m on to something and I go for it.