What to expect from the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival


The 17th annual Tribeca Film Festival is underway, with 96 films being showcased over 12 days in New York City.

One of its founders, Robert De Niro, was on hand to launch the festivities in New York City Wednesday night.

“People like to come to it and we’re … still standing — so that speaks for itself right there,” the legendary actor told ABC News. “I’m beyond very happy that people and filmmakers want to be part of it.”

This year’s fest kicked off with a tribute to one of late-night comedy’s greats. “Love, Gilda” is a new documentary that focuses on the life of Gilda Radner, who made her mark during the heyday of “Saturday Night Live,” and who passed away from ovarian cancer in 1989.

Laraine Newman, Radner’s “SNL” castmate, told ABC Radio, “She was a very warm, loving, generous person…I love that she is acknowledged.”

Radner’s legacy and impact lives on for modern day entertainers like Keegan Michael Key. “Her and Belushi were the ones I noticed the most as a child watching ‘SNL’ because of their physical comedy,” said Key. “That is the the thing that speaks to anybody.”

Among the other highlights of the 12-day festival will be a special screening of “Scarface” tonight, which will precede a Q&A panel with stars Al Pacino, Michelle Pheiffer, Steven Bauer and director Brian De Palma.

PHOTO: Al Pacino in a scene from Scarface, 1983.IMDB
Al Pacino in a scene from “Scarface,” 1983.

The festival, which began in 2002, will hold a special screening of “Schindler’s List” on April 26 that will be followed by a conversation with director Steven Spielberg and stars Liam Neeson and Ben Kingsley.

On Saturday, De Niro will interview Bradley Cooper as part of the festival’s Storytellers series.

The Tribeca Film Festival runs through April 29. More information is available at TribecaFilm.com.