The Best of San Francisco in a Day


The Best of San Francisco in a Day

San Francisco is easily one of the greatest cities in the United States. From gorgeous landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge to incredible food in Chinatown to historic spots like Haight-Ashbury, you could spend a lifetime exploring SF. While I would recommend spending at least a weekend in San Francisco, you can cover a lot of ground in just 24 hours.

On my latest trip, I took a private tour of San Francisco with Bin 415.

I had such a good experience, and I’d highly recommend opting for a private driver if you can — parking is crazy in San Francisco and figuring out public transport will slow you down. All of Bin 415’s Private Tours are in a Mercedes GL 450 so can hit the streets in comfort and style!

Having a driver will maximize your time, and give you the bonus of touring around with a local who can show you the best spots in town (plus they always know the prime photo op locations!).

Ready to leave your heart in SF? Here is how to see the best of San Francisco in a day.


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