Canada Day Maple Rye Cedar Salmon


canada day flag maple salmon recipe -

Happy Canada Day friends! I love making flag foods but Canada’s flag isn’t the easiest to render in food. I wish I was a little more adept at it. I’ve been wanting to make Canada Day jello, much like this American flag jello I made a couple of years back, but maple leaves are hella hard to create in food (I really should just buy a maple leaf cookie cutter). I’ve done my share of strawberry shortcakes, pavlovas, and the such, but this year I thought I’d bring a savory swing to things.


I had to get Mike to show me how to cut out the maple leaf. He used a piece of shrimp cake and I was throughly impressed by his retention of how many points the Canadian flag has (11, in case you’re wondering). I was also impressed because he made a slightly modified version for me that would be more achievable with the flakiness of salmon.

canada day flag maple salmon recipe - canada day flag maple salmon recipe -

All in all, I think the flag came out great! I put it on a bed of mashed Yukon gold potatoes – the greatest export Canada has, along with Canadian rye and maple syrup.

Feeling so fresh and patriotic this year!

xoxo steph

canada day flag maple salmon recipe -


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